Perusing Pike Place in Seattle

It was four years ago, almost exactly. I stopped in Washington for a few days to visit family before moving across the globe to Japan. My sister lived near (but not in) Seattle, and during my very short trip, she brought me here. Pike Place Market. Home of fresh flowers, even fresher seafood and some the freshest dairy products I’ve ever had the chance to sample and purchase. I fell in love. Not only is this one of the biggest (and best) farmers’ markets I’ve been to, but it’s also one of the loveliest. It overlooks the deep blue waters of Elliot Bay and boasts a bunch of restaurants, shops, and art vendors. The MarketFront is a newer addition to Pike Place and the view from there is splendid.

I’ve gone back to Pike Place several times since my first trip. This picture was from my most recent visit. I took a lot of cool photos that day, but none of them say Pike Place louder than this one. The sign is iconic. ❤

Learn more about all the cool things the market has to offer here.

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