Blossoms & Bubbly in Tokyo

Springtime in Japan is all about cherry blossoms. Tiny pink blooms sprout from trees sprinkled about in most streets, parks, and neighborhoods in practically every town and city. Festivals and illuminations are plentiful, and in Tokyo Midtown they celebrate the season with an enchanting viewing of sakura trees and bottles of bubbly. Midtown Blossom features over 150 cherry blossom trees in the garden and throughout the grounds, some of which are lit up with brilliant bulbs in shades of pink and white after sunset. One of my favorite parts of the Midtown Blossom event is the Blossom Lounge, an outdoor watering hole that serves Chandon, beer, a handful cocktails and a small variety of unique sweets and snacks. The wine-flavored potato chips are super tasty.


The park right next to the garden is a perfect place to picnic (or if you like me, take a nap). It’s also a great place to enjoy the season with kids, because there’s a playground for them to run wild in.


You can find and enjoy cherry blossoms practically anywhere in Japan, but in Tokyo this really is one of the prettiest places to witness them. These little florets last only about a week and are already starting to fade. However, the lights and the booze at Midtown Blossom will be around April 15, 2018.




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