Summertime Dreaming

One of the best parts about visiting Okinawa is island hopping. There are quite a few isles that surround (and are part of) the main archipelago, Okinawa Honto. Some you have to access by ferry or plane, but Kouri Island you can access by car. A bridge connects it to the main island, making it an easy day trip if you rent (or have) a car. The water is the most beautiful shade of cerulean, the sand is smooth and almost white and the waves are gentle. It’s the perfect place to relax.

Kouri Island is tiny, with an area of only about three kilometers. But it’s a great place to spend the day. It has three magnificent beaches, a few cafes, food trucks, and restaurants, a handful of hotels and an ocean tower where you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the island and its adjoining bridge.

This photo was taken at Kouri Beach. I couldn’t wait the extra few minutes it takes to get to Tinu Beach (our final beach destination) to put my feet in the ocean. So we pulled over in the first parking area from the bridge, jumped out of the car and headed straight to the water. It is one of my favorite days. ❤


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