Charming Jinhae

My recent adventures in South Korea took me to Jinhae, a charming, small-ish city along the southeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula. I went to Jinhae to experience what the city is most famous for: its Cherry Blossom Festival (a full post on that is coming very soon). But while roaming the streets aimlessly searching for sustenance in the early morning, feeling starved and sleepy, we stumbled across these tracks. I wondered where they lead and whether trains still barrel through this quiet part of town. I never found out.

They’re just railroad tracks. Maybe it’s the way the trees line the path or the color of the light on the trees or just the excitement I felt being some place new, but I found it beautiful. I still do. Ordinary, but so lovely.

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Jo M.

I'm just a girl with a passion for travel and trying new things.

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