Tokyo Tower Cherry Blossoms 🌸

The magic and splendor of cherry blossoms are long gone in Tokyo. But if you’re not ready for the season to be over just yet, there’s still a little time to enjoy the blooms (well… virtual ones at least). Tokyo Tower is hosting its City Light Fantasia – Evening Cherry Blossom Edition until May 6, 2018. This event is a limited-time projection mapping display that features little pink sakura gliding along the Tokyo night sky.


There are three separate displays presented on the windows of the tower’s main deck. Each one faces a distinct part of the city. One side shows the tiny florets falling under the moonlit sky. The second exhibits lots of tiny colorful sakura at dusk. The last one includes photo spot facing the evening lights of Yokohama. The night I went, the tower was fairly crowded and capturing the beautiful displays proved difficult. I imagine it varies by day or the week and time of day.


This was not my first visit to Tokyo Tower, but it was the first and only time I’ve gone during a presentation like this. If you’ve never been and want to see Tokyo’s beautiful skyline at night, this a great time for it. Two birds, one stone.


I will admit, the first time I went to Tokyo Tower, I expected it to be bigger.  I guess I imagined it larger in my mind. But it is quite tall, and the views are stunning. The tower does have some construction going on right now on one side of it, so access is limited and certain areas are a little tight (the gift shop mostly). But if it’s your only chance to catch this display and visit the tower, it’s worth it. You can’t go to Tokyo and not visit Tokyo Tower.


Hours & Prices:

The adult ticket price to the main deck is 900 Yen ($8.50). If you’re interested in accessing the top deck, which is a 250 meters high, it will run you 2,800 Yen ($26.50 or so). The top deck does not have any special exhibits at this time.

The City Light Fantasia starts at 19:00 and goes through 22:50 daily. The special presentation concludes May 6, 2018.

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