A Girl & Her Dog

I don’t typically write about my personal life. I started this blog to share my quest to travel the world with the world. To share my experiences and hopefully encourage a person or two to go to the places they’ve always wanted to see. Maybe even help them figure out how to do it or where to stay or how much time they might need. But something happened, and I need to talk about it. And, somehow, it feels easier to do it here. Probably because I’m not saying the words out loud.dudu-1Yesterday, I lost my best friend. We didn’t have a fight or break up or realize we no longer have anything in common; she’s a dog. She was a dog. We had nothing to fight about and we had everything we needed to have in common. She died. She died at two in the morning, and I feel like part of me has died with her. Yes, Duchess was a dog. And so many people, for reasons I can’t understand or relate to, see dogs as just pets. Replaceable and interchangeable and liked (a lot even), but nothing more. But for me, Duchess was not just a pet. She is not replaceable or interchangeable. She is not just liked; she is loved. Loved as much, if not more than, humans love other humans. She was my baby and my fiercest friend all in one. She challenged me and made me patient. She made me laugh. And she never let me feel alone. For seven years, I’d come home from wherever, and she would greet me with the enthusiasm most humans reserve for occasions like winning the lotto, getting engaged or having a baby. It didn’t matter if I’d been gone three months or three minutes. She always behaved like seeing me was her happiest moment. Not even a treat or a Nylabone gave her as much excitement. No one has ever been as happy to see me as she was (and my two other puppies). She never stayed mad at me. And she always knew when I needed her.IMG_6485 2

Duchess knew me in a way few others do. She could always tell when I was down (she’d give me extra kisses). She comforted me during every heartbreak, reminding me that I was still loved. She helped me get out of bed when I was at my worst. And she had a way of making me feel like everything was going to be alright just by being there. At the end of every bad day, I was reminded that nothing was really that bad after all, because I had her. She made every day better and brighter and more full of hope.Baby DuchessAnd now she is gone. Unexpectedly and forever. And I don’t know how I will make it through without her.IMG_3178Duchess Marie, my Doodie Booty, I hope you are happy in doggy heaven. I hope you have all the bones and tugs your heart desires. Know that you are so loved. Mommy misses you. You’re in my heart forever. Thank you for loving me and bringing so much light to my life. My world is a darker place without you. I will never be the same.💔IMG_7660 2

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I'm just a girl with a passion for travel and trying new things.

2 thoughts on “A Girl & Her Dog”

  1. So sorry for your loss. And an unexpected one is so tragic. I’ve lost a few dogs and cats in my life that were my family. My closest confidants and companions. You are right that can not be replaced. They are each unique individuals. It’s gut wrenching when they leave us. We are never ready to say goodbye. I hope you find some comfort in the beautiful life you gave Duchess and the memories you’ll always have with you.❤️

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