The New Brighton Hotel, Manly Beach

On occasion, I like to share just one photo that I’ve captured without going super in depth on the location or trip. I love taking pictures. And I really love going back and looking at them; it reminds me that for that second everything was exactly how I wanted. Everything was my version of perfect. Now, I don’t feel that way with every photo I take, but I do with the ones I keep. And I can’t possibly put every photo I take in my posts. There are too many of them. I share most of them on my Insta account, but I like to post some of them here, as well. I like being able to write a little more about the photo. 😊

I shot this photo of the New Brighton Hotel in Manly Beach, New South Wales, a few weeks ago. I first want to say that this hotel is not a hotel as one would expect in most countries. It’s not a place for you to stay while on vacation. It’s a bar. Or a group of bars and restaurants actually. There are four establishments in the hotel. I only went to one. I stopped in at Corso Bar for a beer (they had a decent selection of reasonably priced craft brews), and because as it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, it wasn’t very crowded. Time of day may have been a factor, too, though. What drew me to the New Brighton Hotel was the building itself.

I absolutely love the shape of this structure. And I am fascinated by the architecture. I like the colors and awnings and that it’s in the middle of a pedestrian area with fountains and hanging lamps. It’s the perfect combination of old and new. The inside is quite modern, with contemporary decor. I enjoyed the inside almost as much as the outside. 😉

The New Brighton Hotel is in walking distance from the ferry terminal and the beach.

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