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Myeongdong: Skincare Mecca

I’m totally obsessed with skincare. The right regimen and the right products can truly work wonders. It can change the texture of your skin, improve your complexion and even make it glow. We only get one face, so it’s crucial we take the best possible care of it. And not just the face, all of…

Simple Things

The past seven weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ve been traveling and working non-stop. When I’m not working, I’m checking out new places or planning my next adventure.

Climbing Mt. Apsan

It can be hard to get a workout in when you’re traveling. Between sightseeing, food tasting, experiencing new things and meeting new people, who has the time?!?  

Buildings & Bake Shops in Daegu

I stumbled upon this building while exploring the streets of Daegu, South Korea. I was desperately searching for something to satisfy my sweet tooth when I saw it. It was love at first sight.

Charming Jinhae

My recent adventures in South Korea took me to Jinhae, a charming, small-ish city along the southeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Bibimbap Bliss in Korea

The best place to get the best of anything is at the source. You want the best pasta? Go to Italy! You’re looking for the best pad thai? Visit Thailand! The best sushi? Duh, Japan! So it’s no surprise that the best bibimbap I’ve ever eaten, I had in Korea.

Korean Street Food in Seoul

I never would’ve imagined that I’d find all the street food my heart desires in Seoul, South Korea. I took this photograph during one of my many visits to the Myeong-dong, a super-busy district known primarily for shopping. But around five o’clock (1700) a bunch of little carts and stands roll in out of nowhere,…

A Day at Donghwasa

You can’t visit any country in Asia without going to at least one temple. In my case, many. I’m a fan. I love seeing the architecture, history, and customs. During a recent trip to Daegu, South Korea I had the chance to visit Donghwasa, and it was truly AWESOME! Donghwasa is situated on the south…