A Walk In Mascot Memorial Park

The sun came out today for the first time in about a week! I realize it’s winter here in Australia, and rain and cool weather are the norm this time of year, but man oh man have I missed the warmth and vibrance that the sunshine brings. It’s an instant mood booster and makes me just want to be outside. So this morning I took a walk. After walking past several blocks of tall, glassy office and apartment buildings, I entered a more lived-in part of town. The homes were older and mostly made of brick. Shortly thereafter, I arrived here. A small-ish, very well-kept city park full of beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. It was completely empty, with the exception of an older man cleaning up the fallen leaves. This peaceful place is called Mascot Memorial Park, and it is home to a monument commemorating those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. Past the garden area of the park there’s a playground and tennis courts. It’s very tranquil and a really great spot to just relax, clear your head, and enjoy nature.

Walking through here was a wonderful way start to my day. 💕