Sunset From Sunset Beach

There are fewer things more beautiful than watching the sky change colors. It looks a little bit like magic. Seeing it turn shades of pink and orange before finally transforming into a deep, midnight blue is fascinating. It happens every day, yet somehow, it amazes me every time I see it. This sunset was extra spectacular because of the swaying palm trees, quiet ocean waves, and light, fluttering breeze.  I captured this while enjoying a cocktail after a day of exploring the outer islands and beaches of Okinawa. I couldn’t think of better way to end an already perfect day than with an ice-cold pina colada and a stunning sunset.

This photo was taken from The Calif Kitchen in Mihama, a restaurant in the shopping complex next to the Vessel Campana Hotel. It overlooks the sea wall and Sunset Beach. I usually stay there when I visit Okinawa because of its central location. There are lots of wonderful places to stay on this island. Where you choose to stay should really depend on what you want to do, and where you want to go while you’re here. Because I like to do a little of everything, I feel like this location works best for me. Plus, there are lots of restaurants, shops, and bars within walking distance, so you aren’t limited to only what the hotel has to offer. And the sunsets here never disappoint. ✨

Majestic Mount Fuji

Seeing the sun set on Mount Fuji is… breathtaking. But watching it and its reflection from Lake Yamanaka is something else entirely. A few days ago I went on a quest to see (and photograph) Mount Fuji from all of its five lakes. I drove through winding roads to each of them in hopes of capturing its magic from different bodies of water (my extended post on that adventure is coming soon).

Of all the photos I took that day, this is by far my favorite. And the view from Lake Yamanaka, with its pink and sherbet sky, is hands down the best (in my opinion at least). Maybe it’s the enchantment of the sunset. Or how close the volcano seems. There’s just something so extraordinary and calming about being surrounded by all of this nature. There were people all around, but no one said a word. I think they were all in awe as well.